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Books Are More Than Numbers
Dec 14, 2007
End of Year House Cleaning. I'm letting go of the numbers and claiming the experience of my books. Good to be writing you after a break from communicating.

Mayor supports California gay marriage
Sep 20, 2007
Once in awhile something comes along that hits the deepest part of the heart.

San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders explain why he's moved beyond civil unions to supporting gay marriage.

Soul-Searching toward F.R.E.E.
Aug 10, 2007
I've been soul-searching since the jubilation of receiving three book awards in New York this past June...I am choosing to give my e-book to everyone who wants it – FOR F.R.E.E.

Surprise Book Award
Jun 2, 2007
There's a spam filter somewhere in cyber space that knows I got a finalist notice from Foreword Magazine. Thanks to showing up at the awards, now I know it too...

Book Awards
Jun 1, 2007
Straight Into Gay America receives the 2007 Benjamin Franklin Award for Gay/Lesbian books.

The Laramie Project gets a life
May 21, 2007
Sold out showings of The Laramie Project inspire more action. Sometimes its true that "it only takes a spark, to get a fire going."

The Laramie Project
May 3, 2007
Our town of Chelan is putting on The Laramie Project Play for three weeks. A big deal for this little town.

NYC and Congress Honor Riders
Apr 20, 2007
50 people are spending 6 weeks to ask for LGBT equality in our country. Now NYC and representative Nadler in the U.S. Congress are honoring the riders. I thought you'd want to share the joy and achievement of these riders...

Equality Day in Seattle
Apr 11, 2007
Seattle declares April 11 as Equality Ride Day. And our state legislature just approved domestic partner benefits. What a feeling of sunshine!!!

Grandmas in Minnesota
Mar 31, 2007
A couple of grandmothers give perspective to the work of creating LGBT equality. It's for all of us.

Grandpas in Darrington
Mar 9, 2007
Springtime's not too far distant. Book talks this week make me glad for the people who keep adding to my life...

Edges and Centers
Feb 21, 2007
Friends arrested at Focus On The Family. Videos from researchers misrepresented by Dobson. And a concluding blog post with pastor/author Dave more...

Back to the real world
Feb 15, 2007
Catching up with you all... Feels good to be back...including an upcoming trip to Minnesota for talks about Straight Into Gay America. Also -- new blog post to Dave Glesne.

Lars and the Law
Jan 25, 2007
Here's an update on daily life in Chelan. Wal-Mart opened on January 22. But, oops, the opening is illegal...

Wal-Mart and LGBT Activism
Jan 18, 2007
One of the remarks to the website I help with wrote to our group, "You all better start looking for new places to live..SOON! you will all soon be outcasts in Chelan! good luck with that! Go back to where it is you came from." (Read More.)

Wal-Mart in my town
Jan 6, 2007
Even though snow covers the ground here in Chelan, there's a lot more heat than light in my small town this week. Anne and I are part of a group here in Chelan trying to prevent a Wal-Mart from opening...

New Year Blessings
Dec 29, 2006
Well behaved women rarely make history...

Holiday Card for You
Dec 20, 2006
Oops, just lost an hour's worth of holiday greeting writing... (also-new blog post)

How Big Are Our Tents?
Dec 14, 2006
Another Blog Post: These discussions with Pastor Dave Glesne continue to bring up deep emotion and reflection from me. This our 20th exchange. Hope you're finding it helpful, too. Also, see our new home page design. Comments and suggestions welcome.

Rules AND Relationship
Dec 11, 2006
Pastor Glesne's latest post is up, with more discussion on Rules and Relationships. Let's have them both, says Pastor Glesne. An engaging conversation - the 19th exchange

Rules versus Relationships
Dec 6, 2006
As I write in todays blog post with Dave Glesne, there are reasons I'm no longer in the pulpit.'s very satisfying to write again about these issues of faith, revelation, bible, theology, and worldview. Today--Is it rules, or relationships?

Getting to the Heart
Dec 4, 2006
Dave Glesne's new post is up on the blogalogue. I invite you to spend some good time with this one and think about where you base your own starting point in life. Dave and I have different places. It's good to be in this conversation.

Experience and/or Revelation?
Nov 27, 2006
It's Lars's turn to do a bit of theologizing. A chance to raise my big question. "What makes us adopt and then hold so strongly to our worldviews? And why are these worldviews sometimes so different? Looking forward to your comments on the blog.

Scripture, Creation, and Heterosexual Nature
Nov 20, 2006
Thanksgiving Wishes. Holiday gifts. The next blog post is up, and we've arrived to conversations about Scripture, Bible, and the gender nature of human beings. Blessings.

The Arc of Justice.
Nov 12, 2006
Is homosexuality an identity? Or is it a behavior? Notes from a straight man. Latest blog post is up.

Behavior vs. Being
Nov 10, 2006
Pastor Dave Glesne's new blog post expands on his understanding that "same sex persons are defined by their behavior, not by any identifiable state of being." Come on in, this discussion is for everyone...

Monster Blog
Nov 2, 2006
Blogs. Libraries. Supreme Courts. "How shall we use the term 'anti-gay?'" I keep learning, hope you'll join in.

Film Awards!
Oct 25, 2006
Hooray for Jenny Ting and her fifteen months of creating the Straight Into Gay America documentary. The film received two awards! And...the next blog is posted, probing the use of the description, "gay lifestyle."

On being an ally
Oct 20, 2006
Straight Into Gay America, Documentary Premiere: A once in a lifetime night..and... new Blog Post is up, Dave Glesne writes more on using the term 'gay lifestyle.'

Lars Clausen - Post #5
Oct 18, 2006
Documentary showing tomorrow! Blog Post today, including this quotation from Jeffrey Satinover, "The most important message he(the homosexual) needs to hear is that healing is possible."

Dave Glesne: Post #4
Oct 14, 2006
Hi friends, Dave Glesne's next blog posting is up ( You're on this list and I'm making some assumptions about you...

NEWS: Three Things + One
Oct 10, 2006
More about the Oct 19 documentary...
A new blog installment dialogs on early factors leading to homosexuality and more...
a 77 year old doctor/dad/writer shares his article on REDIFINING MARRIAGE...and...I'm coming to San Francisco.

The Talking Begins
Oct 9, 2006
Here's Dr. David Glesne's reply to Lars Clausen's questions about UNDERSTANDING HOMOSEXUALITY. Dave addresses early abuse leading to homosexuality, statistics about the gay lifestyle, data from NARTH, and the reality of a gay agenda.

Now We're Talkin'
Oct 7, 2006
The author of UNDERSTANDING HOMOSEXUALITY agrees to a blog dialogue with STRAIGHT INTO GAY AMERICA. Two Lutheran Pastors. Two very different viewpoints on LGBT Equality.

Moral Convenience
Oct 4, 2006
"No matter how terrible the crime of the person appearing for the commission, I had to remember that I possessed the same capacities, and I had to realize that under different circumstances our roles might be reversed."
(Tutu, paraphrase)

Documentary Premiere
Oct 1, 2006
Jenny Ting filmed Straight Into Gay America for five weeks and then spent far more than 50 weeks to create her documentary. Here's information on the upcoming premiere.

Your Love or Your Job
Sep 28, 2006
Pastor Joyce Arnold fell in love and lost her job as a pastor in 1995. She's written up her story for the first time. Please read it, share it, and use her story to create a culture of equality.

Soporific Reading?
Sep 22, 2006
"The problem is not how to reconcile homosexuality with scriptural passages that condemn it, but rather how to reconcile the rejection and punishment of homosexuals with the love of Christ. It can't be done." William Sloane Coffin

Understanding Homosexuality
Sep 20, 2006
The day before speaking to LGBT groups in Washington D.C. I read the anti-gay book Understanding Homosexuality. It claims that "even if 90% of the population were homosexual, that would prove nothing about whether it is right."

My Invisible Hometown
Sep 13, 2006
Okay, I admit it. It's been strange writing an LGBT equality book while living in a town where I haven't known a single LGBT person. Only a month ago I met my first soon-to-be-resident lesbian. LGBT-wise, people in this town are invisible.

Tipping Point
Sep 11, 2006
Seven friends in Portland decided to bet they could change the world with $15. It ended up costing $65, but change the world they did. Here's the story.

Gay Labor Day
Sep 1, 2006
PFLAG Director Jody Huckaby picked up Pastor Bradley Schmeling's story of ELCA Expulsion and offered some thoughts on Labor Day and being Gay. Question...In how many states you can you be legally fired just for the suspicion of being gay. Answer...

Gay Pastor's Odyssey
Aug 29, 2006
Paul Johnson knew already as an eighth grader that he was called to be a minister. The day after he was outed as a gay pastor his story was headline news. I spent the last week editing Paul's story. It will move you deeply.

Church Walls Work Both Ways
Aug 26, 2006
Early church father Irenaeus wrote, "The Glory of God is Humanity Fully Alive." If church is supposed to help us live a more fully human life, why does it create barriers for both outsiders and insiders?

Hope On the Edge
Aug 22, 2006
1000 Miles by Unicycle meets 275 mile "Run for California Assembly District 2"

Pastor on Trial
Aug 11, 2006
Another Lutheran pastor is on trial, charged last week with "pastoring while partnered." Visit the new "Pastor On Trial" Resource Center at the website

Spark of Life
Aug 8, 2006
Last summer my unicycle connected me to stories. This summer my book is gathering the stories that come back to spark my life.

An End to Damnation
Aug 1, 2006
We've all been struck by a single word, or a single line. This agony came my way a few days ago, and keeps repeating in my mind.

Plus...Fish Can't Fly and Seven Passages...

Letter to the Editor
Jul 29, 2006
The WA Supreme Court decision bubbles through me and becomes more and more troubling. Here's the letter to the editor that I wrote this morning. What are you thinking?

No Same-Gender Marriage in Washington
Jul 27, 2006
Friends asked if I'd officiate their wedding when Washington approves same-gender marriage. Yesterday the State Supreme Court ruled no for same-gender marriage. Some reflections on declaring equality...

Soulforce - Day 6
Jul 23, 2006
On the 1.5 mile march to Focus On The Family, the line was so long I could never see from front to back.

Soulforce - Day 5
Jul 22, 2006
No meeting allowed for me with Focus On The Family's gender issues group. But check out the dog that moo's.

Soulforce Day 4
Jul 21, 2006
Decided I'd better make a visit to the Focus On The Family Headquarters...

Soulforce - Day 3
Jul 20, 2006
19-year-old says she started her activism, "at a very young age." Dad's march with their Triplets. Another great day to be alive...

Soulforce - Day 2
Jul 19, 2006
Publication Day is my recommitment day. Here are stories I heard as I marched alongside Soulforce today.

Soulforce - Day 1
Jul 18, 2006
Publication Date! I arrived last night in Colorado Springs after Soulforce had already had a busy day, beginning at the Capitol Steps in Denver

Straight Into Gay America - Books Off Press
Jul 14, 2006
The covers have been glued onto the pages of Straight Into Gay America, and the books are headed to the distributor. What a journey. Time to stop and say THANK YOU.

Official Book Release
Jul 7, 2006
Here's the official book release for Straight Into Gay America's publication date. Event schedule is included. Thanks for letting people know. Thanks for all your support in getting to this day. I'm going backpacking for a few days. Back Tuesday.

Independence Day
Jul 4, 2006
Pre-publication jitters at two weeks before releasing Straight Into Gay America. A closet sounds real good.

The Wall Street Bell
Jun 30, 2006
PFLAG rings Wall Street's closing bell today. Arkansas court rules that gays and lesbians can be foster parents. I think about how publishing is like gambling...

I thought you should know
Jun 23, 2006
PFLAG announced Straight Into Gay America yesterday, GISA did too. The Advocate Magazine requested an essay. And my family is unicycling in the Seattle Pride Parade this Sunday. Documentary update. Here's the quick new!

Helping Soulforce at Focus On The Family
Jun 17, 2006
Soulforce is preparing to march to stop Focus On The Family's anti-gay emphasis. Straight Into Gay America will be there - participating in the march and kicking off the official paperback publication of the book. Open this article to read on.

Today is E-Book Publication Day!
Jun 13, 2006
Today is the one year anniversary of starting the Straight Into Gay America tour in Burlington Vermont. And today, we're releasing the entire book. E-books are now available. Trade Paperbacks coming on July 18th. Here's the news.

A-Page-A-Day exceeds 60,000 emails
Jun 10, 2006
Thank you to 175 new subscribers during the first two days of A-Page-A-Day. At 352 pages, this translates to 60,000 emails. This is the SIMPLEST, most EFFECTIVE and REWARDING way to help Straight Into Gay America help Equal Rights. Click to submit.

Jun 8, 2006
Click here for an example of A-Page-Day. I hope you'll enjoy these daily pages. There's an unsubscribe at the bottom of each page, so you can stop these messages at any time. Thanks for continuing support as we near publication.

After the President Speaks
Jun 2, 2006
Tuesday morning, June 6, 2006. Post-presidential affirmation of the Federal Marriage Amendment. My emotions churn. I assume the same for millions of others. This seems to be the intention. I fight my inclinations to "come back swinging,"

Foreword by Jody Huckaby
May 31, 2006

Federal Marriage Amendment
May 28, 2006
The Senate has scheduled a vote on the Federal Marriage Amendment for June 5th. Here's text of the amendment and some reading resources from all sides of the debate.

Respecting Your Email.
May 24, 2006
In respect of your participation in this list, and trusting me with your email address, here's the journey ahead. Website traffic is growing quickly. We all must be doing something well. Keep talking!

"Referendum Sunday:" 4 Strategies to overcome anti-gay election-season politics
May 21, 2006
Politics: I felt bad when I read yesterday's newspaper article about the ballot initiative effort to repeal Washington State's gay rights bill...I haven't even weighed in against Tim Eyman approaching 5,400 Washington churches...

On Asking For Help
May 19, 2006
Kai's friend stood outside the door,waiting, hoping to get noticed so Kai would bike with him.

I was that shy kid when I grew up. But now, if I don't push myself, I'll just wait for people to notice Straight Into Gay America. I'm knocking.

Straight Into Gay America: Preview Three Chapters Today!
May 16, 2006
Today! 3 CHAPTERS F.R.E.E. Straight Into Gay America is moving from my private writing to the public square. Click. Read. Pass it on. We're depending on word-of-mouth.

And the Cover Is...
May 12, 2006
Another step in the Straight Into Gay America Journey. Here's the new cover for the book and how your input helped us to make this decision.

Closing in on Publication
May 8, 2006
Closer and closer to publication. Another cover to view. Free 3-Chapter ebook ready next week. Senate will soon vote on Federal Marriage Amendment. Now is a good time to stand up for Equal Rights

Supporting Immigration Monday
Apr 28, 2006

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