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Today is E-Book Publication Day!
Jun 13, 2006

E-book available today.
One year ago today I assembled my unicycle in the Burlington Airport and began 1,000 miles of pedaling.

Today, celebrating the one-year anniversary of the ride, I'm pleased to release the full story of Straight Into Gay America.  From Burlington, Vermont to Washington D.C., and from the most reluctant to the most avid supporters of equal rights, you can now read the entire book.

The e-book is available in two versions, both priced at $11.95:

If you have high speed internet connection and will be reading the book on your computer monitor, I recommend the beautiful flash e-book version of Straight Into Gay America.  It's a 20MB Download with a slide show of pictures.  Great if you've got a good internet connection. 
Order Flash e-book and download.

If you have dialup or another slow internet connection, or if you want to read your book on a palm pilot or a book reader, I recommend the 1MB PDF version of Straight Into Gay America
Order PDF e-book and download.

Copyright: Same generous agreement as for the paper version. You may freely copy and distribute up to 1,000 words of Straight Into Gay America for any purpose.  All other uses are prohibited without permission from the author.  Remember - Piracy is neither kind nor cool.

Trade Paper Available on July 18th - Celebrating with Soulforce.
Trade Paper publication will celebrate the end of the Straight Into Gay America tour.  I pedaled my final miles of the tour in Washington D.C. last summer on July 18th.

This July 18th, I will celebrate the tour anniversary by pedaling at Focus On The Family in Colorado Springs.  I'll be riding in support of Soulforce's action ( to stop the spiritual violence that emanates from Focus on the Family against LGBT people.  More information on this event coming soon. It seems a perfect place to celebrate the publication date of Straight Into Gay America: My Unicycle Journey for Equal Rights.

Recent Reviews:

Remembering the Important Stuff: Michael called yesterday with a few questions to finish his review for Out In The Mountains, a Vermont LGBT newspaper.  We talked for 45 minutes on the phone.  The stories from Straight Into Gay America connected with his own experience as a transgender man. One call like that, just once in awhile, is all it takes to keep slogging through the details of producing this book. 

Friend Jeshua Erickson interviewed me for his own blog,  (June 12)  You can read the interview there or see it posted on this website.  Jeshua's an inspiring guy, with a heart for the social good, and the will to make things happen through music and action.  Visit him at   Jeshua, may there be a thousand more of you.

Making the connections:  Do you know someone who will share Straight Into Gay America news on their blog, newspaper, radio show, or TV station?  Please have them contact me for a review copy.  Thank you.


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