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The Talking Begins
Oct 9, 2006

Understanding Homosexuality meets Straight Into Gay America:
(Post #2)

Dr. David Glesne agrees to conversation and addresses,

  • early abuse leading to homosexuality.
  • statistics about the gay "lifestyle." and data from NARTH.
  • the reality of a gay agenda.

Here is Dr. David Glesne's response to Lars Clausen's request for a conversation. (October 3) Subsequent to this letter, Dave and Lars agreed to conduct our dialogue via blog in order to enjoy a wider participation. Click here for the blog.

From now on David and I will be posting directly as we write our responses to one another. Thank you for comments to our first posting (just click at the bottom of any blog article to read posted comments or to add one of your own.)

Blessings for the day,




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