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Spark of Life
Aug 8, 2006

This morning I came in
for my regular two hours of book work
thinking that selling books
is like starting a campfire.

How to get those first flames started?
Some mornings a dry blade of grass catches.
Other mornings the wood feels wet.
Each day I bring my matches

And almost every day, some Spark of Life crosses my path and inspires me with a story or an effort.  Last summer my unicycle was the pathway to stories. This summer it's my book. Here's inspiration for this week.

Atticus Circle: A moment for families and children.
Estimates are that 3 million or more same-gender couples are living together in the USA, and more than 1 million children are being raised by same gender parents.  Anne Wynne, a Texas lawyer married mom of three children decided every kid ought to have what her kids get.  Kids in same gender households aren't missing out on love, they're missing fundamental protections. See the list.

Anne Wynne is a Spark of Life for me this week, standing up to make this world better.  Atticus Circle invited me to join their group.  They've got a 50 day campaign to get 50 new members from each of the 50 states.  Maybe you'll want to join, too.

Dorothy White: A moment for grandmothers.
I stepped to the side of the driveway as two elderly women drove their car close to the house where the Religious Coalition for Equality met last Friday night in Seattle.  When the vehicle passed I pointed to KariAnna and Kai, "That's your future if you choose the activist life."  Bumperstickers filled the back end of the car.  EQUAL RIGHTS. MARRIAGE EQUALITY.  PROUD MOM OF A GAY SON.  We caught up in time to help Dorothy get her walker out of the car and come into the meeting.

Afterwards,sitting on the porch together, she told how her United Church of Christ Church had become Open and Affirming of LGBT people.  "Now I have so many gay friends. This group of twenty-year-olds has adopted me.  I go to their parties. Last year they all came over and painted my condo.  I call them my gay gaggle."

"The only thing good about the Washington Supreme Court ruling against marriage," she smiles, "is all the wedding presents I don't have to buy now.  A lot of my friends were all set to finally get married."

White-haired, walker-bound, wonderful Dorothy bought a copy of my book, and told me of a poem she'd written for parents. "Send it to me," I asked.  "I'll share it with folks."  Here's her note. Another Spark of Life.  Hope you keep finding sparks too.  Blessings, Lars

Dear Lars,
I enjoyed meeting and visiting with you at Kathy Huckabay's and I am very glad I bought your book.  I spent the next two days reading it, and now can go back and reread the parts that were especially intriguing.  I am impressed with how much you have done on behalf of the gay community.  Your ability to relate to all kinds of people so that they talk freely with you is a rare gift.  I also am impressed with your wife.  Without her support and backing I suspect you would not have been able to do many of the things you have accomplished.
You have put in so much time and effort to expand your--and our--understanding  of the GLBT community.  I, on the other hand, have simply been blessed by being adopted by my "gaggle of gay men" and being allowed to know and love them.  Sometimes I wonder,  "What if one of my children had been gay (or in their case, lesbian)?"  I think, and hope, that I would have welcomed them and loved them as I do now.
You asked for my poem, so here it is.

Dear Parents,
Be glad for your son who is gay
And your lesbian daughter too,
And your heterosexual child as well,
For each is God's gift to you.
God knew us before we were born.
We're each made to God's own design.
God carefully put us together
(Reference: Psalm 139).
Who are we to critique God's creation?
To claim we can change what God made?
To refuse to be open and loving to all?
To let differences make us afraid?
Thank God for each of your children
As they live in their God-given ways,
And give them what God gives to each of us--
Unconditional love always.
Dorothy White

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