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Soul-Searching toward F.R.E.E.
Aug 10, 2007



I downloaded your free ebook yesterday, and read about 50 pages before looking of those rare books that spring ahead of the "I should read that" shelf into "can't put it away."

Dear Friends,

I've been soul-searching since the jubilation of getting three book awards in New York this past June.  

Search Results:

  1. I care more about people READING Straight Into Gay America than I care about people BUYING the book. 
  2. My skills are stronger for sharing a message than for selling a book.
  3. I am choosing to give my e-book to everyone who wants it – f.r.e.e.

I'm excited.  The more people who read Straight Into Gay America, the bigger impact we all make toward realizing this vision:

A world where lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender
people are included in the privileges, responsibilities,
and dignity offered equally to all people.

Visit the homepage of or CLICK HERE to download the award-winning book for f.r.e.e.  If you've already read and enjoyed Straight Into Gay America, it's now as easy as email to share this book.

The Excellence of F.R.E.E:
Now that my book is F.R.E.E., and now that it's been recognized with national awards, I feel much better to ask this costly thing of you –

Help me give away the amazing stories of the people I met during Straight Into Gay America.

Give this story to others and help achieve the vision of privileges, responsibilities, and dignity offered equally to all people. Who can you give this book to: your parents, your children, your friends, your pastor, your coworkers, your email list?  Thank you.

The Excellence of TIMING:
Presidential candidates are debating about gay rights; the Lutheran Church is discussing equality for pastors; legislators, governors and judges are debating and enacting equal rights in more and more states. Every day new families and relationships are created with gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender members. Straight Into Gay America can make a difference in these times.

The Excellence of FUN. 
Make a difference. Give Straight Into Gay America away. Invite others to keep the giveaway going.

Thank you.


"Wondering about the paperback version?"
If you prefer, I'm still happy for people to buy a real book, and I've made that easier too.  Straight Into Gay America can now be ordered from

  1. Any Bookstore. 
         Locate an Independent Bookseller and Order Near Home.
  2. Barnes and Noble Online
         Order from Barnes and Noble
  3. Amazon
         Order from Amazon
  4. Straight Into Gay America Website
         Order from Straight Into Gay America



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