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Soulforce - Day 5
Jul 22, 2006



If you liked the idea of unicycling for justice, you're going to love Norman, the dog that moos. Currently appearing on yard signs, TV ads, and in Theaters in Colorado Springs. 

Funded the Gill Foundation, this one gets my votes for creativity, originality, and effectiveness. Worth the click to

see the videos.

Eighteen minutes on two phone calls with four different people:  "I'm sorry, we can't arrange a meeting for your with anyone dealing with gender issues."

My strategy wasn't very sophisticated. I just told them who I was, that I'm a pastor, an author, here with soulforce, and I want to learn as much about Focus On The Family's viewpoints on LGBT reality

Dotti and Roby (, and their friends Jessica and Janelle, had a different strategy.  They went to Focus, holding hands as lovers, meeting everyone they could, and talking, talking talking.  Dotti and Roby are good at this, they've been on the road for 9 months now, stopping for anyone and everyone who has time to share experiences.

Last year was Dotti and Roby's first time at Focus.  Roby tells of walking in the doors and soon found herself crying.  An attendant came up to her to ask if she could help. Roby told her, "In my family I was raised on Dr. Dobson.  When I was struggling as a young person with being lesbian, these were messages that made me contemplate suicide."  That started some conversations, and now they have some relationships at Focus. 

As Roby and Dotti say,   "They're wonderful people who we enjoy, but we let them know how sad we are that they're so misinformed about LGBT people."


  • A 1.5 mile march from Rampart Park the sidewalks surrounding Focus On The Family.  (
  • A vigil to envision a better world
  • A concert and speakers (including Judy Shepherd), filled with all kinds of individuals and families, showing there's nothing to fear from LGBT people.
  • I'll look forward to sharing this story.

Blessings for the day, and do enjoy NORMAN (





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