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Soulforce - Day 2
Jul 19, 2006

A Triple Crown Day.   

  1. One Year anniversary of riding Straight Into Gay America.
  2. U.S. House votes down the Federal Marriage Amendment. 
  3. Publication Date today. (Felt great to have books in hand today, handing them to people who opened the pages, saw pictures, read text, and wrote checks to take their own copies home with them. It's a lovely way to live a life.) ORDER

And...I got to unicycle today.  95 degrees of dry heat, but we had a bus with cold water and AC accompanying us marchers.  Before I did my ride segment, I marched 8 miles with the others.  Plenty of time to hear stories while walking.  SEE PICTURES

Two men have made this march a part of their honeymoon.  One has kids from his first marriage to his wife.  "Did you know you were gay before you married her?" I asked.

"Sure, but marriage is what you did no matter what where I came from.  Boys grew up to marry girls.  Until five years ago, I thought I was the only gay man who ever married a woman."

When his online learning was discovered by his wife, divorce ensued.  "The kids are fine with me," he says, "but my former wife still won't talk to me."

I talk to another man a few miles later who tells me of growing up gay and thinking terrible things about himself because of his understanding that homosexuality is evil.  I tell him about the couple on their honeymoon.  He replies, "I did the same thing."

He too suffered a rough divorce, but after ten years now enjoys a good relationship with his former wife.  Today he's pulling a wagon with a child in it.  His partner of almost a year is a dad with two young kids.

Imagine if people like James Dobson and other Christian and political voices didn't bombard LGBT people with messages of their sinfulness.

Imagine if the middle-aged men I met today hadn't spent decades trying so hard to fit in that they raised heterosexual families?  What if these and thousands of others could have celebrated their identity from the beginning instead of hiding it at such great cost?

Focus On The Family's labelling of homosexuality as sin, and their efforts to convert homosexual people to heterosexuality is causing widespread anguish. When a young teenager hears over and over again that their life is an abomination to God -- you've got trauma.  The trauma damages families, all families, parents, children, husbands, wives.

A FALSE FOCUS ON THE FAMILY is a free PDF download by Soulforce.  As you read it you can keep in mind the people I'm marching with this week and know that words of condemnation have caused decades of grief for many.

The couples I wrote of here bought the first two books at my booksigning. It feels like a good beginning. 

As they walked away with their copies,  I gave thanks for new connections, and I hope there will be many more ahead.

Time to get ready for today's march. We reached Parker yesterday, and the southernmost edge of the Denver suburbs.  Country miles today as we continue our way to Colorado Springs,






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