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Scripture, Creation, and Heterosexual Nature
Nov 20, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving. Blessings for wherever you'll be spending these days.  I remember preaching on these festival days like Thanksgiving and Mother's Day-- thinking of all the hype --  remembering the quiet edges where people don't have picture perfect celebrations, or families or circumstances.

For a nation of diversity, we sure put a premium on conformity. However you spend the day and the weekend, I hope it meets you with a sense of the gift of life, strange life.

Dave Glesne's next post is on the blog.  We're into Scripture, Bible, and the gender nature of human kind.  Thanks for all the comments and the learning that continues to happen from this dialogue.

Some of you have wondered about signed books for holiday presents.  Since my books are usually shipped from Kansas, I can't normally sign them.  If there's interest, I've been thinking I'll get some books sent to me and make signed copies available for Christmas.  Perhaps this might work...

1. Mail a note to me at Box 74, Chelan, WA 98816, with the following information.

  • What inscription you want me to sign in the book.
  • Where I should mail the book, either to you or directly to the reciptient.  If you want me to mail the book directly to the recipient, please provide the address. I'll put a sticker on the book to remain unopened until the holidays.  You can send a card to your friend or family member and tell them it goes with the package from Lars Clausen

2. Include a check for $21.00 for each book to cover the book cost and shipping.




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