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Respecting Your Email.
May 24, 2006

Email respect:
As Straight Into Gay America publication and publicity activity increases I want to actively use my website, email, and word-of-mouth to inform people about the equal rights work of Straight Into Gay America. 

In respect of your participation in this list, and trusting me with your email address, here's the journey ahead. (As always, your email addresses are held privately and confidentially. They are never shared with anyone else.)

Assuming your interest:

  1. Newsletter Frequency: I expect to use this newsletter more frequently in the coming weeks and months.  To do this I have to assume your interest and your willingness to receive possible frequent messages. I hope you'll be excited by the journey, but as you know, there's always an unsubscribe option if you feel the need to use it.
  2. Email Format: First one arrives tomorrow. On occassion I'm going to send out regularly formatted emails to this list (instead of the click-to-enter-the website format that we've become accustomed to).  These are especially intended to be FORWARDED. Tomorrow's email is an announcement about Straight Into Gay AmericaYou can click here to preview it.  I hope you will pass it to people who will appreciate receiving this notice. Yesterday I mailed this announcement to a dozen blogs. and have already written back to confirm that they'll do writeups.
  3. A-Page-A-Day: When Straight Into Gay America is typeset, I'll enter all 300 pages in an email program that allows readers to receive one page of the book each day, via email.  I'm thrilled that snippets of Straight Into Gay America will be available for our daily conversations.  Around June 1 I will add you to the list of recipients.  I hope you'll enjoy these. If you don't want to receive them, you can unsubcribe from this service at any time. 
  4. Straight Into Gay America Blog:  For those of you who want a more personal view of the journey, I'm tyring to blog each day now, sharing events and feelings as they happen.  It's a good place to receive your comments.  Read yesterdays post to learn about the SOULSCAPERS that Anne has created for the book.
  5. Website:  Every page of this website has a SEND TO A FRIEND button at the bottom of the page. I hope you'll grow comfortable with this feature and share pages as you think of friends and loved ones who will appreciate information from a website page.  Book Excerpts, About the Author, Announcement, and other information can all be emailed just by clicking SEND TO A FRIEND

I feel better now:
Staying clear with you about the process ahead helps me relax.  Sometimes I juggle how much to impose on you with this project.  From here on in I'm assuming your vibrant interest, and I'm trusting you with a couple important options:

Unsubscribe if you need to

...or hopefully...

Forward to a friend to help grow this story.

Good things are happening.  Our website traffic is growing steadily.  Whoever you're talking to, and writing to, word is spreading.  I'm thankful to be on this equal rights journey together with you.


Lars Clausen 

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Copyright by Lars Clausen: Permission granted to use quotations up to 1,000 words in lenth via website posting, emails, newsletter, print, radio, and TV media. The following attribution must be included.

Lars Clausen is the author of Straight Into Gay America: My Unicycle Journey for Equal Rights.  Visit for more information. 

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