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On being an ally
Oct 20, 2006

Straight Into Gay America Documentary
My uncle and cousin drove down from Canada, friends gathered from around the area, and I had one of those special nights in a lifetime.  Two comments stick out.  As Producer Jenny Ting introduced her work she said she'd moved from counting me off as a long-haired hippy to eventually gaining some respect for me. Then she talked about having had so many options for how to tell this story, but in the end she chose to tell the story for me.  Made me cry.  "In the end," she said, "LGBT aren't going to gain equality on our own. We need straight allies. And we need religious allies.  And Lars is both."  Let me pass on those thanks from Jenny to all who are allies.

The second moment was in the movie, during an interview of two elder men who have been together for 51 years now, and had their wedding on their 49th anniversary when Massachusetts finally legalized same sex marriage.  "We'd been together 43 years," said one partner, "longer than anyone else in either of our families.  So I decided it was time to tell my family about our partnership...None of them have spoken to me since."

Let that one sit with you for awhile.

Documentary music and seeing the Documentary, A Problem:
Jenny was told the rights to use the music on her documentary would be a few hundred dollars. The cost turns out to be $10,000 dollars.  She can show the documentary in film festivals, but can't sell the DVD or show it commercially until a solution is found. Up to now, Jenny has paid all the movie costs on her own to produce this documentary, a huge gift for the journey toward equality. Paying the $10,000 for the music permissions is beyond her capacity.  Options include

  • doing nothing, and showing it only at film festivals.
  • getting a donation for the $10,000
  • creating an affordable arrangement with the rights holders.

After 15 months of working on this film, this is one burden Jenny's not up for tackling on her own. If anyone has ideas, you can email me and I'll pass the notes on to Jenny.  Thanks.

Blogalouge Continues:
Pastor Dave Glesne has given us post #6 of the blogalogue between himself and myself.  In this post he's addressing the use of the term "gay lifestyle."

Thanks to Dave and to all who are adding comments.  I keep hearing from people who are thankful that we're talking together.  Dave will be away for vacation next week. I'll try to get something up for him to return to in our ongoing discussion.




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