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On Asking For Help
May 19, 2006

Kai's friend stood outside the door the other afternoon, waiting and hoping to get noticed so that Kai would go and ride bikes with him.

I was that kid when I was growing up, waiting to get noticed instead of knocking on that door.  And now, if I don't push myself past that feeling, I'll just wait and hope for people to notice Straight Into Gay America.

My proofreader (Cynthia Gustavson) finished her work on Thursday and told me, "It's a vulnerable book. You've addressed all the faith questions I've thought of but haven't dared to ask in public."  

It's time for me to be vulnerable, to knock on your door, and to ask you to share the news of Straight Into Gay America. 

Yesterday I wrote letters to equal rights advocacy organizations from my Lutheran Church background: Lutheran Lesbian and Gay Ministries, Lutherans Concerned of North America, Wingspan MinistriesGoodsoil, and The Network. 

I know a few organizations, a few newsletters, a few websites, a few newspapers, radio, and television stations.  Together we know many more.  Straight Into Gay America is a word-of-mouth journey.  Time for me to knock and ask you to share a word.

Thank you, Lars

Here's the letter I sent out yesterday:  If it helps you knock on doors, please use it.

Dear xxxx,

Thank you for your work for LGBT Equal Rights.

I need your help. 

Straight Into Gay America: My Unicycle Journey for Equal Rights will be published soon (e-book available on June 1,  trade paper on July 15th)   ( I've rushed for an entire winter so I can add this equal rights story to the conversations of this summer's election scene.  If at all possible, I need your help now.


Early readers have called it a vulnerable book, exposing my questions and frustrations at society's choosing of exclusionary rules over the honoring of human life. Straight Into Gay America combines the stories of everyday LGBT people with my own probing of how I came to be a straight advocate; what this means for my life, and what lines I choose to cross.  I end the book with my visit to the churchwide assembly of the Lutheran Church in Orlando.


Poet Cynthia Gustavson ( attended that same churchwide assembly.  After proofing Straight Into Gay America, she too called it vulnerable. "You raised all the questions I carry inside me but have been afraid to ask."


I believe Straight Into Gay America can make a valuable contribution to the call for Equal Rights during this election season.


I need your help. Straight Into Gay America is entirely a Word-Of-Mouth effort. The following resources are available.


Website:  including newsletter, blog, press kit, press release, extended excerpts. 


Press Release: 


Free 3 Chapter Ebook Preview:  Available now, Download at or from website homepage link.


Free.  A-Page-Day of Straight Into Gay America.  The entire book free, delivered to email, one page each day. Sign-up here or from website homepage link.


Can you help me:

  • Pass word of Straight Into Gay America to your membership via, website, email, newsletter.
  • Pass word to associated organizations.
  • Contact blogs or other websites that will appreciate posting this story of a straight ally and his journey toward equal rights.

expect you're busy. Whatever you can find time for is deeply appreciated.


I've spent all winter, 2 hours each morning, rushing to get this story ready in time to participate in the election season work of Equal Rights. Now it's in your hands and the hands of others who share your commitment to justice.


I do not know where this journey will lead, but I am glad to be on its path. Everything you offer is a gift that I feel thankful for.


Continuing blessings for your work,


Lars Clausen

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