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Nov 2, 2006

Pastor Dave Glesne is back and posted his dialogue on Tuesday.  Read the comments -- 14 so far at the time of this newsletter.

Dave is giving me much to think about, and I'm deeply appreciative of this conversation. He challenged me on my use of the term "anti-gay" and I'm thinking through this and other issues in my blogpost that is now available at

Think how rare it is for us to talk across our viewpoints to one another.  If you'd like the opportunity to join in, please read the blogs and add your comments.  Warning, you'll want a full cup of coffee or tea before you dive in.

My friend George Winters has put Straight Into Gay America on his book club reading agenda. He writes this about his library.

We have purchased a set of books to add to the Sno-Isle Liibrary System's book discussion kits. These are sets of books ready for groups like ours to use so that discussion groups can check them out like library books and there is assurance that enough copies are always on hand.

George asked me to pass this on in case other libraries also provide these services.

LGBT equality looms large again in this season's election.  The New Jersey Supreme Court recently ruled that Same Gender Marriage, or its full equivalent must be established by the legislature in order to conform to the constitution of the state.  The language was, from my perspective, SO REFRESHING, and SO HUMANE.  Gave me some hope. If you want a bit of legal reading, here's the ruling.

Blessings for the journeys that we travel, and hopes for continuing movement toward equality.




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