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Mayor supports California gay marriage
Sep 20, 2007

Once in awhile something comes along that hits the deepest part of the heart.

Please take 5 minutes and listen to San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders explain why he's moved beyond civil unions to gay marriage, and why he's backing the San Diego City Council to support the California lawsuit for marriage equality. Only yesterday he'd promised to veto the bill.

Why do these things happen?  Because people like the mayor's daughter and staff are open about being gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender.  Because straight allies stand up.

PFLAG is just now starting a STRAIGHT FOR EQUALITY program that's one more step in the journey to equality.  Thank you Mayor Sanders. Thank you PFLAG. Thank you all who stand up.


Blessings, Lars

Sign the Straight for Equality Pledge...
Then Pass It On!
Have you signed the Straight for Equality Pledge yet? Have your friends?

On Monday, PFLAG National introduced its newest project, Straight for Equality, to our members and supporters. We're working to get hundreds of allies to sign the Straight for Equality pledge in time for our official national launch on October 11...
and we need your help!

If you haven't signed the pledge yet, please visit the Straight for Equality site now and sign on! If you have, forward this e-mail (by clicking the Forward e-mail link at the bottom) to five of your allies, tell them why this matters to you, and ask them to sign it today!

The Straight for Equality Pledge 

As a straight ally committed to supporting and advocating for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender (GLBT) people, I will:

Come out.

I will acknowledge and work on any uncertainties I may have in "coming out" as a straight ally, and, as I grow in confidence, I'll increasingly let my family, friends, and colleagues know that I support equality for GLBT people.

Speak up.

Whenever I have an opportunity, I'll say something supportive of GLBT people, whether I'm responding to a homophobic joke or remark, commenting positively about a current event, or making the case for equality in a discussion.

Join in.

I will review the many recommended actions provided through Straight for Equality that will help me create change in big and small ways and incorporate those with which I am comfortable into my growth as a straight ally to help move equality forward.

Ready to sign? Click here to go to the Straight for Equality website now, then click "Take the Pledge"!

Signed already? Click "Forward E-mail" below and send this message to five friends, let them know why it matters to you, and ask them to take the pledge now!

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