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Lars Clausen - Post #5
Oct 18, 2006

Greetings friends,

Today is my turn in the continuing conversation with David Glesne about understanding homosexuality.

Glesne refers to Satinover's work often and I found this quote from Satinover,

"The most important message he (the homosexual) needs to hear is that 'healing is possible.'"

Click on the blog to see what I tried to say about how our worldviews and our data affect each other. 

David and I are two straight white pastors talking about homosexuality, but you'll find extensive experience, and a lot more diversity in the comments. Ten so far to Glesne's last post.  I hope you'll read them and post your own. Thank you.  We are helping one another.

Tomorrows the day!  Thanks for the many kind wishes and to the surprising number of folks who've said you might get a 6 p.m. seat at the Harvard Exit Theater to watch Straight Into Gay America, the documentary.  (Thursday, October 19) My Uncle Tom is even driving down from Canada to see it.  Shaping up to be a fun evening.

Anne and I have always worried about our ability to help our kids with team sports like soccer, and baseball.  I've always done the solo sports of racquetball, running, biking, and then the most solo of all, unicycling. 

KariAnna and Kai had their first season of soccer team this fall.  And Kai's team is giong to the state championships in December. Sometimes at night Kai sleeps in his soccer jersey. Seems like his needs are being met.

I hope all our needs are being met,




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