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Lars and the Law
Jan 25, 2007

One of these days I'm going to get back to Straight Into Gay America. 

Rules and Relationships:
In the meantime, in the flurry of these days, I'm still thinking about rules vs. relationships and how all this fits together. Tonight, in our town,  we're hoping that hundreds will stand up for the law, requiring the city to do for Wal-Mart what it does for every other business in our town - enforce the law for illegal building permits - and close an illegal operation.

For me, its still about relationships. We had an agreement, publicly decided, back in 1999, that buildings would be no bigger than 50,000 sf.  And we have an agreement that we'll enforce our land use laws.  And we have the ruling of the judge two different times, plus her order on January 18 reversing the building permits.

Wal-Mart Opens:
Still, our mayor was at Wal-Mart on Monday, January 22nd, celebrating the opening of the store.  Keeping that store open without a valid building permit is a clear breaking of the law.  More fundamentally to me, it feels like a breaking of relationship with our community that depends on trusting each other.

City Council tonight:
So, we have hundreds of calls out to people to come to city council tonight, overflow the building to the street corners, and quietly demand that we follow our rules.

It's a big night. I wanted to find a minute to share it with you. If we do well tonight, we can shape the future of our fast-growing valley.  If people stay home and watch a comedy show instead,  I have a hard time imagining when we'll next have opportunity to come together and commit ourselves to shaping the community we want.  It's not that often a galvanizing event like this comes to a community.

If you're interested, you can visit,  and you can click on Addressing City Council to see the documents we'll be presenting.

Thanks for last week.  You gave $500.  We have $10,000 in new bills. We have $3,500 of that covered.  We have busy days. We have hope and thankfulness.

Blessings for your days. 


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