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Holiday Card for You
Dec 20, 2006

It felt so lovely, putting down words of this past year, remembering back to last year when I rose each morning at 5 a.m. writing pages for Straight Into Gay America.  I even came back here to the resort lobby where I walked from our one bedroom rental each morning to have a place for my writing. Got so into this holiday writing that I forgot to hit save until it was too late. The Internet connection is spotty this morning, too. No peacefulness right now for going back and recreating that hour of savored writing.  Later.  

Still, I need to send this message to let you know there's a new blog post by David Glesne.  This dialogue comes as gift to me, helping to grow my understanding of why I seek to live the way I do.  I hope you're finding good help, too.

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Trial Update:
Pastor Bradley Schmeling's trial has been scheduled for January 19th. 

"The congregation, which stands in solidarity with Pastor Schmeling, prays the ELCA will change its policy or that Bishop Warren will drop the charges before a disciplinary hearing is scheduled to begin on January 19, 2007. "

Read trial updates from St. John's website.

Holiday greetings to you, in whatever way you celebrate hope this season.  In my own Christian tradition I can never quite get over how holiness comes as a vulnerable baby, completely dependent on human care.  May there be generous amounts of compassion, care, and love in this coming year-- enough for all our families, our relationships, our hopes and dreams, our communities, and our world.



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