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Grandmas in Minnesota
Mar 31, 2007

Regrets for the long delay in writing.  Three weeks ago I wsa in Minnesota.  Since returning home my days have been busy with work and I've been missing putting these words together. I've been wanting to tell about two grandmothers I met.

She spoke up at the luncheon at church.  The congregation had started a "Reconciling in Christ" study to see if the church wanted to make a formal declaration of welcome to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people.  I'd already preached earlier in the morning and talked about how this kind of welcome literally saves lives. Too many LGBT people are receiving messages from churches that God hates them. After the worship service a dad came up to me with tears in his eyes, "Our family drove an hour-and-a-half to be here this morning.  At our Lutheran church at home the pastor tells me I've done something wrong to cause my son's homosexuality, and that my son can be, should be, cured of his homosexuality." 

Now Grandma was speaking up at the luncheon, "Reconciling in Christ doesn't just save gays and lesbians," she began.  "Reconciling in Christ saved me, too.  My husband divorced me five years ago, against my wishes.  After that I believed that God hated me.  Not until we began the Reconciling in Christ work here did I really understand that God loves us all, including me."

Maybe hearing Grandma speak these words meant so much to me because of the questions I get about advocating for LGBT equality.  Yes, it's for LGBT people, but, it's for all of us, about creating the kind of world where there's a place for everyone.

After the luncheon another Grandma came up to me.  "My husband he asks why I come to these meetings. He's not going to attend."

"Why not?" I ask.

"I think the difference is that I was raised as a missionary child, around all sorts of different people. My husband was raised in a very strict church.  I think that makes us see things differently."  And then she smiles.  "Nothing's keeping me away from these meetings.  I'm making my own decisions."

More stories.  Always more stories.  Blessings for the telling and the hearing.



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