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Edges and Centers
Feb 21, 2007
  1. Friends arrested at Focus on the Family.
  2. Dave Glesne Blog Post is up.
  3. Reflections

Here's number 3 first, reflections are the most fun. 

When I go and speak, someone usually asks how I unicycled across the country.  The answer is a progression from back in college when a campus pastor first challenged me to a 200-mile bike ride.  The answer is that when something got comfortable I stepped or was pushed into something new that challenged me and put me on edge.  And new possibilities opened from that initial uncertainty.

I won't bother you with Wal-Mart news except to say that being in the middle of a small-town eruption like this has pushed new edges for me.  I wake up each day and check my soul to see what kind of sorting is going on inside of me.  I know already that our small town issue here is tiny compared to what people face when they stand up for years and years for national or global issues.  And yet, I received a taste. I stand in greater awe than ever before of the heroes of change, Gandhi, King, Tutu, Day, and so many others.  These days I look for what this experience will mean for me.

My dad recommended Episcopal Priest and former Senator John Danforth's book, "Faith and Politics," to me.  "In the final analysis", writes my dad, "it is the quiet moderates that carried the day while the extreme activisits were busy splitting things apart."

Dad's words take me back to another thing I spend a lot of time thinking about.  Every center has an edge. Every edge has a center.  How do we live together well?

Then Number 2.  Gay Into Straight American friends Dotti Reid and Roby Sapp were arrested at Focus on the Family this past Monday.  Is that the right edge action?  Read their story.  They were asking for an apology from James Dobson, for misrepresenting research and using it to discredit LGBT people.

Turns out that a number of scholars who are being misrepresented by James Dobson have discovered U-Tube videos.  I've collected some of these on my website. If you've got time you may find them useful to view and to share.  Click to see the videos page.

And Number 1.

Thank you Dave Glesne for an enlivening conversation via blog. I deeply appreciate that we could do this publicly and that others could share in the journey and add to its value.  Read the blog.

Seems to me we're on the same page about being on different pages, and that no matter our page, we share a common desire to follow Jesus commandment to love our neighbors. 

The edge and center thoughts come to mind again as we conclude this dialogue.  As a non-LGBT person I finish this dialogue still as an insider. That was never at risk for me.  If I were a gay person, what would it be like to conclude this dialogue?  I'd still be living with the chasm of knowing that some belive a sexually expressive gay relationship puts my relationship with God at risk.  I wonder what that would feel like?  I wonder what I'd do today about this dialogue if I were gay?

More for the soul to digest. Edges. Centers. Life. 

Blessings friends, and thank you for sharing the journeys.


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