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Dave Glesne: Post #4
Oct 14, 2006

Dear Friends,

Dave Glesne, author of UNDERSTANDING HOMOSEXUALITY has posted his next installment of our blogalouge.

I had not intended to use this newsletter to announce EACH posting of the Glesne/Clausen dialogue, but it feels like a good conversation. At least at this initial stage I want to keep inviting your participation.

Jody Huckaby (PFLAG) wrote in the foreword to STRAIGHT INTO GAY AMERICA, that my book is "a light for the journey ahead, and a bridge across the divide between straight and gay."  This dialogue feels like a piece of the work, a part of the bridge.  I hope you'll click to read Dave's post.  Here's the intro.

POST #4:
a conversation between pastor/author David Glesne and pastor/author Lars Clausen. Today Glesne writes about studies of early factors leading to homosexuality. Glesne includes some of his pastoral view of God and faith, including: all people are equally worth in the sight of God, we live in a broken world, and our identity is in God and we must not be careful to confuse this by basing our identity in our sexuality.


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