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Closing in on Publication
May 8, 2006


Vote for your favorite cover!

Eight out of ten voted for the rainbow cover last time.

So where did it go?  All the book professionals voted for the weave.  "Book covers get a 7-second chance to entice a reader to open the book.  The weave is more eye-catching. It's clean and simple. Readers will pick it up."

Here's one more idea from Blooming Twig Books.  I'd appreciate your opinion.
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Our pre-publication ebook will be ready by May 15.  You'll receive the first three chapters of Straight Into Gay America for free! 

Copy, copy, copy!
When you open your ebook, you'll notice that the copyright is different.  You have permission to copy up to 1,000 words from this text (approximately three pages) and use them in any manner you want.

Share, share, share!

Unicylcling America's roads taught me the power of hospitality.  As publication nears,  I'm looking for all the ways I can to help us SHARE our way toward EQUAL  RIGHTS.

Pass it on:

  1. Forward this e-mail

  2. Add friends to this list.

  3. Download the e-book sample later this week.

  4. Share the e-book with others.

Word of Mouth:
Straight Into Gay America was a word-of-mouth  journey. As Straight Into Gay America nears publication, it's time to make this a word-of-mouth book for Equal Rights.

Federal Marriage Amendment:
I wish Straight Into Gay America was already published, to help share more stories of everyday lesbian and gay couples living regular lives.  The Senate is scheduled to vote June 5th on the Federal Marriage Amendment to restrict marriage only to heterosexual couples. (

Ebook Sample. Pay it Forward:
A 3-Chapter ebook sample will be ready in the next few days.  You'll receive the link for this free download.  In these first chapters you'll already meet Dave, Euan, Sara, Danielle, and many more inspiring people with inspiring stories.

Next Time:

  1. Endorsement received from Soulforce (
  2. New Website Home Page.
  3. E-book preview of Straight Into Gay America.
  4. PRE- ORDERS for the printed book! 
    10% discount for orders placed before May 31. (Pre-ordering begins on May 15th) 




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