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Jun 1, 2007

The biggest compliments I get for writing Straight Into Gay America sound like this,"You write as if you were a gay man. It's as if you've told my own story."

Last night Publishers Marketing Association awarded Straight Into Gay America the Benjamin Franklin Award for best book in the Gay/Lesbian category. This recognition from the writing community moved me more deeply than I had expected (yes, there were three finalists and then an announcement, so it was a surprise.).

Tonight Straight Into Gay America receives a second award, this one an IPPY from Independent Publishers Association- no suspense this time, it will be a bronze in the Gay/Lesbian category.

Writers. Authors. Publishers. These have always seemed liked other people, people who are not me. Last night, in New York City, riding the subway with the heavy glass award resting in my lap, I felt author identity come a step closer to my life. It was a beautiful night, savoring the feeling, recalling all the blessings of the ride, the people, and the creating of Straight Into Gay America.

Thank you,


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