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Behavior vs. Being
Nov 10, 2006

My wife Anne wonders why I stay in this conversation.  My dad wonders why I don't agree more with Pastor Glesne. Some folks are dropping out of this conversation, others are dropping in.  Whatever you're feeling,  I have a sense that a lot of the same things are happening in my own family.

Some want more directness, others appreciate that we're even talking.  For myself,  I'm simply continuing to commit to this process, recognizing that the changes I've made in my own life are rarely planned or reasoned or subject to my own timelines. In this process I expect to come out changed. I already have, thanks to the gift of writing and the gifts of comments and conversations arising form this blogalogue.

In Dave's post today he brings up some of our areas of disagreement.  These are hard and frustraiting for me to hear, and yes, they are significantly different ways of "Understanding Homosexuality."  But...we're talking...and the process continues.

Here's a selection from Dave's post that I will seek to respond to

"same sex persons are defined by their behavior, not by any identifiable state of being.  Since there is no scientific, medical, or biological evidence that homosexuality is inborn or unchangeable, no one can authenticate that he or she is homosexual.  It is only declared.  In their declaration, such persons only lay claim to being a practitioner of sodomy in one or more of its many forms."

Read the full post:

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