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Feb 15, 2007

Dear Friends,

Wal-Mart stays open, and the silver lining is that those of us involved in the fight have our lives back for other endeavors. See the results at

Felt good to open up the blog with David Glesne and start thinking about LGBT equality again.  A new post is up. We may be coming close to the end of this conversation.  I'm suggesting I compile our writings and comments to date and see if they may have any further use or invite further dialogue.

Felt good to read the ruling from Pastor Bradley Schmeling's trial.  The jury asked the church to change its rules and let Bradley continue pastoring his church and living in the relationship with his partner. Here's the full text of the decision -

Felt good to read that another Equality Ride is soon underway.  52 young adults will travel to 32 Christian colleges and universities to initiate discussion about faith and sexuality in communities where it is most controversial.  Lots of information at  Two our very good friends are on the ride, (and still looking for sponsors).  Best wishes to Allison Eby and Emily Van Klee  We love you two!

Feels good to be planning a March trip to Minnesota for presentations about Straight Into Gay America.  Sunday March 11 I'll be preaching at First Lutheran Church in St. Peter Minnesota.  Monday and Tuesday March 12 and 13, I'll be involved in various events at Gustavus Lutheran College in St. Peter, Minnesota. On Tuesday evening, March 13, I'll be giving a presentation in Minneapolis/St. Paul, either at a location still to be announced.

Blessings to all,



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