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Jun 8, 2006

Straight Into Gay America:

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Straight Into Gay America

Introduction - Page 9

During 5 weeks and 1,000 miles of unicycling for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) equal rights:

No one cited Biblical injunctions against me unicycling on the road.

No one studied the constitution to see what to do with my one wheel preference.

No one said to me. "We have our place. You have your place."

No one forced me to ride in a closet.

What if we celebrated LGBT difference as easily as the difference between bicycling and unicycling, as a gift to be thankful for among all the standard wheel arrangements? 
I rode my unicycle to collect everyday stories, to show that queer people live normal lives, that there's nothing to be afraid of from gay people, that the friendships I've developed through the years can be found everywhere, and that the church's damnation of gay people is all wrong. I rode as a pastor to argue a point.  

Blessings for the day.
Lars Clausen

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