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A-Page-A-Day exceeds 60,000 emails
Jun 10, 2006

When 175 of us signed up for A-Page-A-Day


We started circulating 61,600 pages of Straight Into Gay America!

If you haven't yet added your name, please take a second to enter your email and begin receiving a page of Straight Into Gay America each day. 

This Resource provides

  1. A daily encouragement for your own equal rights journey
  2. A resource to pass on to friends whenever a page strikes a chord.
  3. A story-based advocacy tool that is easy to distribute.

Thank You.

E-Book Publication Date:

Straight Into Gay America: Official E-Book publication date is June 14.  June 14 is the one year anniversary of starting the Straight Into Gay America Unicycle ride, the day I left family behind at Holden Village and flew from Seattle, Washington to Burlington, Vermont.

For the first time, on June 14, the entire Straight Into Gay America story will be available.  If you're an online reader, a beautiful 14 MB flash ebook version of Straight Into Gay America has been created for you.  Purchase price is $11.95.  For handheld readers and dial-up internet users, a 1MB PDF version is available, also at $11.95.  We'll send out a full article on June 14.

Other News:

Once in awhile people asked why I'm so involved in gay rights, "Why not other issues."  Here are two others.

1. Funding cuts are again threatening our Public Broadcasting System. Known as one of our most level sources of news and education, it seems good to me to keep this public service strong.  If you want to sign a petition to keep PBS, here's a way to do it.

2. On July 25th, our Chelan Community is hosting an exhibition of Eyes Wide Open: The Human Cost of the Iraq War.  It's an exhibit of combat boots and civilian shoes, representing the military and civilian deaths in Iraq.  This month the U.S. Military death toll will likely reach 2500.  The civilion toll is estimated to be 50 times that number.  See the American Friends Service Committee to learn more about this project.  See our Chelan webpage to read what a group of us are working to prepare here.

Blessings for this day, and for the journey to keep perspective and hope alive.


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